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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bikini Clad Elisha Cuthbert Does a Hockey Team

Elisha Cuthbert...New Bikini Fun (tgp)

Elisha Cuthbert must really love hockey. After previously dating New York Ranger Sean Avery, the actress is currently dating Calgary Flame Dion Phaneuf. The two are on vacation this week in Maui. Apparently also on vacation this week in Maui? Warm water.

Elisha Cuthbert went to Hawaii with her Canadian ice hockey boyfriend, Dion Phaneuf. They shared a wonderful holiday together. This would be her second boyfriend who played professional ice hockey. The previous guy, Sean Avery, was also an ice hockey player.

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Elisha Cuthbert in Maui, with yet another Bikini (tgp)








Elisha Cuthbert, new beau Dion Phaneuf, and the rest of the the Canadian Hockey Team spend the afternoon in Hawaii on Tuesday drinking beer, sunbathing and splashing around in the warm waters.

Elisha, from The Girl Next Door and 24’s Kim Bauer, will be starring in My Sassy Girl, a remake of the highly successful 2001 Korean film of the same name.

Elisha, 25, said of her character in My Sassy Girl, that “she speaks her mind, which was fun to play, because I’m usually gentler with my words. It’s my Canadian nature. We’re generally polite and don’t like confrontation.”


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