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Monday, November 12, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Free At last

The Bobby star "has finished her stay at Wonderland and will continue the program as an outpatient," rep Leslie Sloane Zelnik said Friday in a statement to E! Online's Marc Malkin.

"She is taking it one day at a time, as she is in it for the long time. She asks that [we] respect her privacy."

According to Sloane Zelnik, the 20-year-old starlet, who checked into the Wonderland Center in Los Angeles' Laurel Canyon neighborhood Jan. 18, had been spending most of her days on the set of her latest film, the thriller I Know Who Killed Me, and then returning to the treatment facility at night.

But now that Lohan has been deemed healthy enough for outpatient status, we'll see whether she makes good on her previously stated plans to focus on getting better.

Lohan decided earlier this month to give up her role in the big-screen adaptation of Oscar Wilde's A Woman of No Importance so she could put in some R&R time before heading out on the road to promote the female-bonding flick Georgia Rule, which is due out in May.

It was while she was on the set of that film, which costars Felicity Huffman and Jane Fonda (who, at one point, said she felt her young costar needed a hug), that reports of the freckled starlet's possibly out-of-control lifestyle started to dominate all of the other rumors that have been swirling around Lohan since she came of age.

Last summer, Morgan Creek Productions CEO James G. Robinson penned a letter to the actress saying she was acting like a "spoiled child" and blaming "ongoing all night heavy partying" for her "so-called exhaustion," which was the reason she gave for her sporadic tardiness and absences from the Georgia Rule set.

Just days before being lambasted by the studio honcho, Lohan had been treated at an L.A. hospital for heat exhaustion after becoming dehydrated during filming.

The bad luck started compounding soon after that. In September, Lohan slipped and broke her wrist during a New York Fashion Week event, and in November, she was involved in what seemed like her umpteenth literal run-in with the paparazzi when she was rear-ended at about 2 a.m. on a Tuesday, refueling her image as an all-night, all-the-time, girl-about-town.

Meanwhile, Lohan continued to lash out at her party-girl status, telling magazine reporters, Oprah—any legitimate, high-profile sounding board, basically—that acting is her life. And, she added during an appearance with the cast of Bobby on The Oprah Winfrey Show, "Is it a crime...to go dancing with your friends?"

Although no one has ever stated exactly what Lohan was seeking treatment for when she checked into rehab last month, the actress' interview-happy mother, Dina, told KIIS-FM host and E! News anchor Ryan Seacrest in December that her daughter had been attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for about a year, but that she didn't have a drinking problem per se.

"You know, a lot of people she hangs out with go, and it's a positive thing," Dina Lohan said. "As a parent, you tell them what you can tell them, but she's 20 and I'm not gonna say, 'Stay home and don't go out,' that's a ridiculous thing to do."

On Dec. 11, Lohan told People she hadn't had a drink, "or anything," in seven days, adding that although she's spotted frequently at 21-and-over night spots, she doesn't drink alcohol when she's out clubbing with friends. "I drink with my friends at home, but there's no need to. I feel better not drinking. It's more fun. I have Red Bull," she said.

While 2007 kicked off on the right foot for a girl who's intent on being taken seriously for her acting abilities—Lohan scored a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination as part of the Bobby ensemble and was going to work on I Know Who Killed Me—January ended up getting a little more complicated.

First came an emergency appendectomy that temporarily halted production on her latest film, and by the time the SAG Awards rolled around Jan. 28, Lohan was spending her nights in Wonderland, calling her decision to check in a "proactive decision to take care of my health."





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